UPS Monitoring : UPS Warranty Extension : Get your Warranty Service Certificate
Get your Warranty Service Certificate
To activate your extended warranty, you will need the following information:
1 . The Service Serial Number, located on the back of the Service Pack:

2 . The Service Registration Key Number, located inside the Service Pack:

3 . The UPS Model Number and Serial Number, located on a label at the back of the UPS you want to register:

This information is also available in your UPS Settings.
4 . UPS Purchase Date. This is located on your UPS order, invoice or shipping receipt.
To activate your extended warranty, visit APC Entitlement Registration
1 . At APC Entitlement Registration, select APC Extended Warranty Registration.
2 . Enter the APC Service Registration Key and Service Serial Number, and click Continue Registration.
3 . Enter the UPS Model Number, Serial Number, and Purchase Date and purchase information, and click Continue Registration.
4 . Enter your customer information, including contact name, phone number, email address, address and UPS location address. Click Continue Registration.
5 . Answer any optional questions of your choice, and click Finish Registration.
6 . Print the registration receipt for your records. An APC Warranty Service Certificate is sent to your email address in a few days following registration completion.